Centennial, History and Archives – Oh My!

by Joan E. Knapp, Centennial Chair & Historian


        Zonta International’s Centennial Celebration will be kicked-off at the convention in Yokohama, Japan this summer! Zonta’s 100th birthday is November 8, 2019, but the Zonta world will be celebrating the entire biennium culminating with the 2020 convention in Chicago. This coming biennium will be full of opportunities to celebrate. Stay tuned for more exciting information during and right after the convention and prepare to celebrate Zonta’s 100th birthday!
        At the D8 All Area Workshop recently in Portland, I presented a modified PPT of Zonta’s “100 Years of Empowering Women”. Find it on D8’s Google Drive in the folder “All Area Workshop 2018/Presentations”. You are welcome to use it as is or to modify it for your club.
        Just as ZI has been updating their history the past few years, each D8 club was asked by past D8 Historian Trish Conyers to write their history. They are on the D8 website under Member Resources. Now’s a great opportunity to look at your club’s history to check for accuracy plus updating it to the present. Please include a date when the report was written at the foot of your report, so that it is easy to quickly know when it was updated last.  Please send it to both Katherine Cleland, Webmaster, and me. We will make certain that it is uploaded to the website as well as D8’s Google Drive for reference.
        This is also an excellent time to update your club’s archives. Perhaps your club has a scrapbook(s) with photos, programs, newspaper articles, etc. These are usually separate from the history of your club, but very valuable to tell your club’s whole story. You do NOT need to keep material that ZI or D8 would have published. However, if you think you have something rare and are wondering if it should be tossed, you can check with ZI first. The same holds true for any D8 material. Before you toss it any D8 material from conferences and governor seminars, please check the D8 website to see if you have something that might be missing from our archives. You’ll notice that there are a number of conferences and governor seminars that don’t have any material. Let me know and if it something that should be saved, I’ll let you know what to do. With technology today, it’s important that we digitize our archives for posterity. Please read “Tips to Digitize your Archives” on the ZI website and pay special attention to the last tip about “saving”.  The industry standard is to have 3 back-ups! Since technology has changed and will continue to change, you need to have, at least, one back-up in the “cloud”.

For resources and examples for the Centennial Anniversary Brand Toolkit, Centennial Anniversary Tools, Resources for Archivists and Resources for Historians, click on https://membership.zonta.org/Tools/Centennial-Anniversary-Tools. Included in the Centennial Brand Toolkit are the centennial logo plus business cards, letterhead, etc. to be used for the 2018-2020 biennium by individuals, clubs, districts as well as ZI. All of these help give more consistent branding and visible PR to the Zonta world as we work to change Zonta from being the best kept secret to people everywhere knowing what Zonta is and what our mission is.