Zonta District 8 Elects 2020-2022 Officers

District 8 2020-2022 Officers

The newly elected will take their Position following the 2020 International Convention to be held in Chicago Illinois in July.Governor:                    Maggie Calica (Anchorage)

Lt Governor                 Deb Lal (South Puget Sound)

Treasurer                    Marie Jackson (Eugene/ Springfield)

Area 1 Director           Kathy Veneman (Pocatello)

Vice 1 Director            Stephanie Adams (Pocatello)
Area 4 Director           Rosa Mohlsick (Roseburg)

Vice 4 Director            Margery Whitmer (Coos Bay)

Area 2 Director            Debra   Reynolds (South Puget Sound)

Vice 2 Director            Lynda Zeman (Olympia)

Area 5 Director           Barbie Zipp (Victoria)

Vice 5 Director            Carrie Blair (Everett)
Nominating Comm

Maureen Holman        (Blackfoot)
Jeanie Martin              (grants Pass)
Gail Trimble                (Roseburg)

International Nomination       None

Respectfully submitted: Dora Daniels, Chair, Billie Wayt and Pete Bober

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