Zonta International’s Centennial Anniversary in 2019 is fast approaching! The international committee has been working hard to mark this special anniversary in a number of ways. Check out this link https://www.zonta.org/About-Us/Centennial-Anniversary to keep up-to-date on centennial anniversary celebrations. We will start commencing our celebration at our 2018 International Convention in Japan.

Club Histories:

During the last biennium (or earlier?) Trish Conyers requested and received your club’s history. She also requested history from Past D8 Governors about their terms.  Thanks, Trish! Check out the link https://zontadistrict8.org/about-zonta/history/ for part of D8’s history that Katherine Cleland just uploaded. More will be uploaded soon. Please send us more historical photos!

Celebrating Anniversaries

Some of your clubs have had significant anniversaries recently or you are preparing for one coming up soon. As you so do, please review the tools available on the ZI website at https://membership.zonta.org/Tools/Centennial-Anniversary-Tools.

There are Guidelines for Club Archivists and Club Historians, Tips to Digitize your Archives which is extremely important today. Remember when (not if) you digitize your archives you need to make certain you have back-ups of those files/folders in 3 different places. Just having them digitized isn’t enough! Using Dropbox, Google Drive or another “cloud” storage is extremely important.  (Personally, I automatically back-up all my iPhone photos on iCloud, Dropbox and Google Drive as well as having them synced with all my Apple devices. Yes, a little compulsive, but I worked in IT for 16 years and heard many a sob story when someone came to me and said, “all my photos/documents” are gone for various reasons. Usually it was the photos which “hurt” the most to people, but ALL files/folders that are important need the same 3 back-ups with, at least, one off site (in the “cloud”). -Joan Knapp

Excellent Club Program on Zonta History

Also, check out the PowerPoint presentation about “Where it All Began: A Feature on Marian de Forest and the Zonta Club of Buffalo.” (Clicking this link will download a presentation) This would be an excellent club program!

What is YOUR club organizing/planning for celebrating Zonta International’s Centennial Anniversary? It’s not too early to start thinking about it. This will be an excellent opportunity to promote Zonta in your community.