Leta Best Memorial

Leta Catherine Best 1947-2017 ZONTA CLUB OF VICTORIA

Her contribution to the Zonta Club of Victoria was exceptional. She acted as Treasurer for many years and was elected as President in 1985. She was elected Club President again in 1992 and 2009.  In the two later terms she was called upon for her expertise during times when the club was in particular need of someone experienced at the helm.   She was active at District, serving as Governor, and at the International Board level and ran for International Vice-President at the Convention in 1998.  She, along with her daughter Elizabeth, also a member of the Zonta Club of Victoria, developed the website for Zonta International and named it zonta.org.  This domain name is still in use today.
She told the story about her employer, with whom she was working as a bookkeeper, who asked her if she knew of any ambitious young man that he could bring into his business, help train and employ as a Notary Public.  She answered him “how about an ambitious young woman…me?”  She qualified and with a business loan from a bank managed by a Zonta Club of Victoria member, invested in the Partnership and later bought out her partners and became sole owner.