Meet District 8 Secty: Sharon Davis

To encourage members to seek District 8 Board positions, we are running a series of articles about board members, their responsibilities, time commitment, and things they enjoy.

District 8 Board Member Feature:
Sharon Davis is our current D8 Secretary. When asked to provide a description of her board duties, her first comment was, “keep Governor Leatta out of jail, and I almost failed in Nanaimo!” Hmmmmm—-sounds like another story to pursue! In addition to protecting our president, Sharon is the conduit for getting information from Leatta to membership, takes the minutes for all of the D8 meetings, and publishes them. She spends about 5 to 10 hours per week on her Zonta duties.  Her favorite part of her position is working with all of the D8 members.  Said Sharon, “we have a powerful organization and it’s great to meet folks from all over.”  Sharon feels that the key to success as secretary is communication. It’s important to keep the flow of information moving.
Sharon is also a realtor out of the Corvallis, Oregon area. When not working as a realtor or volunteering for Zonta, Sharon enjoys fishing and camping with her husband.  They also try to spend as much time as possible with their kids and grandkids.
Thank you.  Sharon for all of your work for D8, and keeping us informed of what is happening!