District 8 Goals

2016-2018 Goals



Adv/Service Reach out to clubs
Amelia Earhart Stay informed
Keep clubs informed
Search for women in the field
Area 1 Increase communication with clubs
Interact with clubs
Visit clubs
Liaison duties
Use social media
Area 2 Visit clubs
Area 4 Visit clubs once a year
Attend 1 club board meeting a year
Maintain positive membership
Attend 1 fundraiser in each club
Communicate with presidents 3 times a year
Encourage participation in district functions
Area 5 Promote communication between clubs
Visit 1 time a year
Bylaws Help D8 leadership understand bylaws
Review bylaws
Provide info to clubs
Comm Eng Form committee
Report community engagement happenings in clubs
E-club Educate members
Charter 1 e-club
Foundation Educate clubs about ZIF goals
Educate clubs about ZIF projects
Provide opportunity for giving
Promote 1/3 giving
Increase overall D8 contribution by 5% in 16-17; 5% in 17-18
100% of clubs contribute each year
JMK Encourage club participation
Lt. Gov. Charter E-club of Canada 1
Charter E-club of D8
Educate clubs on YPC
All clubs happy, engaged
Positive membership growth
Newsletter Share D8 info with members
Improve ways to share info
Pearson $500,000 in 16-17; $510,000 in 17-18
Clubs connect with students 1 time a year
PR Provide clubs with tools
Rose Day 100% of clubs participate
Social Media Post 1 time a week
UN Identify club UN committee chairs
Stay informed; keep chairs informed
Keep ZI UN Chair informed of D8 activities
Establish communication with North American UN Chairs
Educate members on Zonta/UN relationship
Web Help D8 leaders use website to communicate
Z Club Create newsletter
Encourage formation of more Z clubs