Climate Tool kit for Clubs 2022

Climate and Gender – D8 Advocacy Focus 2022-24

District 8 Advocacy Goals for the 2022-2024 Biennium.  Please review the slides below. 

D 8 Advocacy Project:  Climate and Gender

Clubs listen to Hamburg Audio/Video on Climate

(coming soon). Expected 11/4/22

Club Actions: Pick 2 out of 3 (Doing all 3 would also be nice!)

  • Government – Letter for Action – Can use Template or join other orgs to encourage a climate action on a Climate issue. Possible issues: saving legacy forests, restoring salmon habitat, promoting building electrification, installing more EV charging stations, etc.    Find out what is pertinent or needed in your area.
  • Business Accountability—Can use Template to find out what a business is doing to help with climate Things to consider: What are their emissions?  What are they willing to do to decrease carbon emissions? What are their waste habits, can they improve? Can they minimize business travel? Are they educating their employees about ways to help with Climate impacts at work? Do they choose sustainable suppliers?
  • Club Action  Do at least one— (Ideal: Speaker plus actions)
    1. Speaker—possible topics—
      • Why does Zonta Care about Climate/climate equality (Connie C.);
      • Clean energy options locally (solar, wind, hydro);
      • Transportation and Climate;
      • Invite a local business that has climate friendly business practices;
      • Invite an organization that is trying to restore habitat to help with salmon, etc.
    2. Actions
      • Volunteer as a Club with an organization restoring habitat or planting trees;
      • attend a climate rally pertinent to an issue their Club has been involved with through letter writing, etc.;
      • join with youth involved in Climate issues as a help/encouragement to them;
      • teach the 7 R’s and Climate Tips at one of your Program meetings—they are located on the D8 Zonta Says NOW Facebook page;
      • have the club do one or more specific climate actions during 16 Days of Advocacy (i.e. don’t use any plastic for 16 days, eat a vegetarian meal 4 times during the 16 days, etc.);
      • testify at a City Council meeting or other local government about a climate related issue

Individual Actions

  1. Take the climate pledge
  2. Learn 7 R’s – thinking sustainably & beyond.
  3. Act on Climate tips.
  4. Join the Climate meetings

Club action SAmple letters

Use this letter on your club letterhead to send to Businesses in your community.  Collect the responses, and join the monthly meetings to get assistance in crafting a reply.