Why do we need an ERA?

Why Do We Need the Equal Rights Amendment?

Most Americans think there is a provision in the Constitution protecting women from discrimination, but that is false.

Ironically, we have insisted that other countries, such as Afghanistan, include such a provision.

The Equal Rights Amendment will guarantee equal status under the law and provide bedrock legal protection when women—or men—face sex discrimination. Protection would cover:
• Lack of equal pay for equal work
• Pregnancy discrimination
• Violence against women
• Other forms of sex discrimination

These are widespread, but those facing sex discriminationdon’t have effective legal relief.
State laws are not uniform.
Federal laws are not comprehensive, specifically the 14th Amendment.

These laws can be, and often have been, weakened or repealed by a single vote.

The solution? Put the ERA into the US Constitution.

Guarantee equal rights under the law for all Americans.
Amending the US Constitution requires that ¾ of state legislatures ratify the amendment. Today, only three more states are needed, and NC is one of those states. The ERA will be introduced in our General Assembly on February 14.

Talk to your legislators NOW and urge them to cosponsor the ERA. The future of our daughters and granddaughters depend on you to take action now.

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