Contact Info – Officers + Committees

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District 8 Officers 2022-2024

Deb Lal, Governor (Zonta Club of South Puget Sound)

Stephanie Adams, Lt. Governor (Zonta Club of Pocatello)

Joyce Duerfeldt, Secretary (Zonta Club of Olympia)

Toni Markley, Treasurer (Zonta Club of Grants Pass)

Natalie Steffler, Area 1 Director (Zonta Club of Blackfoot)

Lynda Zeman, Area 2 Director (Zonta Club of Olympia)

Margery Whitmer, Area 4 Director (Zonta Club of Coos Bay Area)

Carrie Blair, Area 5 Director (Zonta Club of Everett


Committee Chairs

Shelli Cutting, Foundation Ambassador (Zonta Club of Anchorage)

Maggie Calica, Bylaws and Resolutions (Zonta Club of Anchorage)

Vicki Trabosh, UN (Zonta Club of Everett)

Alice Bartelt, Parliamentarian (Zonta Club of Corvallis)


Mabelle Frombgen, JMK (Zonta Club of South Puget Sound)

Grace Farenbaugh, AE (Zonta Club of Roseburg)

Katherine Cleland, Service/Advocacy (Zonta Club of Everett)

Pete Bober, Leadership Advisor (Zonta Club of Corvallis)

Terri Turi and Julie Reed, District Conference (Zonta Club of Coos Bay Area)

Cindy Phillips, Communication (Zonta Club of Everett)

Paula Bechtold, Z-Club/Golden Z (Zonta Club of Coos Bay Area)

Anita Mathurs, Pearson College (Zonta Club of Victoria, BC)