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Please read our FAQ before sending us a message We are an all-volunteer organization, and can be delayed at least a week in replying to emails.

How do I Apply for a Scholarship? Am I Eligible for a Zonta Scholarship? Where do I find out about Scholarships?

Scholarship information is located here. Zonta District 8 has three scholarships offered as part of Zonta International’s Education programs. For each of these scholarships you need to apply through your local Zonta club (links here). In addition, many local clubs offer additional scholarships for both High school, community college and 4 year college. For eligibility and application details and deadlines, please see the linked scholarship pages.

District officer contact information is in the member resource section under committees, you will need the password to get access, (available from any officer, or the group Facebook page). I you don’t have the password, fill out the form, or contact your club president

There are three ways to join Zonta.
1. submit a membership application, which will be routed to your nearest club by Zip-code
2. Contact your nearest Zonta club and request to Join.
3. Fill out the form on this page, and let us know if you would like to be in a local club or an e-club (that meets virtually) a good option, for those who are a long distance from any local clubs.

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Any Student group wishing to start a Z club or Golden Z Club will need a local Zonta club to sponsor them. Please learn more about Student clubs, and then contact your closest local club

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