Grants Pass Offers New Scholarships

Continues STEP program

This year we have a new scholarship called the Zonta Foundation of Grants Pass Memorial Scholarship. We are providing a scholarship to a local young lady who has the opportunity to renew the award for her entire 4 years of college.
Our Z Club at Grants Pass High School is starting strong this year. We have a new advisor at the school and we are looking forward to partnering with these young people on some ambitious projects they hope to tackle, including a Walk in Her Shoes Project.

On Sept. 16th we are hosting a Zonta Casino Night in the Vineyard. We were able to secure over $10,000 in sponsorships to support the event. We will have about 150 guests at a local vineyard for an evening of fine dining, music and gaming. The proceeds from the event will provide continued support for our S.T.E.P. program as well as our scholarship program.