Zonta District 8 Stands in Solidarity with our Sister clubs in Ukraine.

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From Zonta International:

We have been in communication with our Zonta members in Ukraine and are inspired by their strength and resilience as evident in the excerpt of their message below.   

“We are calm and resolute; we keep in touch with family and friends. The main thing is that we maintain our strength of spirit — then we will not be defeated.

Today, Ukraine needs us, and we are called on to give a part of ourselves if we are to live in a democratic country governed by the rule of law.”

As a global organization dedicated to working for the advancement of understanding, goodwill and peace through a world fellowship of members and promoting justice and universal respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, we strongly condemn foreign aggression and acts of war, as are being witnessed in Ukraine. 

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Watch the recording,
featuring Kathrin Bizilla and Katy Olexander of the Uzhhorod Club in Ukraine.

Zonta District 27 Leads in Aid to Ukraine

Zonta District 27 is one the largest Zonta Districts representing Zontians from Belgium, France, Germany, Luxembourg,Poland and Ukraine

Zonta District 27  Coordinating Help: (from Ann Naets Governor D27)

Dear Zontians,

Zonta stands with our Ukrainian members, and with all people of Ukraine.
The situation has been on our minds this last week. It is not leaving us idle. 

We have been in contact with many of our members over the last few days. They are asking for our help with clothes, food, medicine, bandages and money. Some areas or clubs are already taking action. These initiatives are very helpful but scattered. 

There are several ways the district is reaching out to help, but we need your support as well:

1. If you want to make a donation, even a small amount (note USA transfers can be expensive, check with your bank), you can make a transfer to our district account: Zonta District 27, 
IBAN:  BE74 9530 3076 2507, 
Bic or swift : CTBK BE BX
Address Bank: 
9100 Sint-Niklaas, 
Mention: Donation Ukraine and Zonta club or District
We will transfer directly to our Zonta clubs in Ukraine.  
(NOTE from D8- we will be collecting district 8 Donations via this PAYPAL link, and our treasurer will do one consolidated bank transfer to reduce fees and complexity – see Paypal link)

2. If you have a room or vacant bed in your house where you can host refugees, please fill in this form. We will get in touch with you to see how

Zonta District 8 Founding Partner to Zonta Club of Uzghorod

Past Governor Deb Arney, Pete Bober of Zonta Club of Corvallis and several others from D-8 were instrumental in the creation and formation of the Zonta Club of Uzhhorod.  The connection with Uzhhorod came about because of the sister city relationship between Corvallis and Uzhhorod.  

In 2004 several District 8 Zontians attended the chartering event in Uzhhorod and in 2015 I led a tour of several of Zonta Clubs cities including Budapest, Uzhhorod, Liviv and Warsaw.  We contracted with the clubs in each city to host us.  A win-win, we supported their clubs and we had a fantastic time.  In 2018 Deb Arney returned with me to Uzhhorod to visit club which she had played such a big role in creating.   I am still in regular contact and in normal times I travel each year to Uzhhorod and meet with their club. I even have an official title, they refer to me as their “Godfather” 😂

Uzhhorod is located directly on the border with Slovakia and within just a few miles of the Hungarian and Polish borders, as a result they and also Lviv are being inundated with refugees.  Our sister city association has mounted a significant fundraising effort and we are literally hand-carrying cash and supplies to aid the city in their refugee outreach efforts.

Pete Bober had the following text exchange with long-time friend, former Uzhhorod Club President and past Area Director, Katherine Bizilla.

Katherine Bizilia:
“A Zontian from Melbourne Australia asked us to help with accommodation for her mom and her sister from Severodonetsk They are staying at my house and crying they stayed in a shelter cellar for 8 days and 4 days were traveling to get to Uzhhorod 😢😢😢😢now they are safe 🙏🙏our president Helen met them at the railway station and drove them to my house 🙏

Great that Zontians are helping other Zontians! Are you able to connect with other clubs in D-27 EU countries who would be willing to assist refugees like you have done in their homes?

We are in contact every day and they are helping a lot Riga is helping all Zontians from our district we are communicating in messenger Regine from Berlin called me today and they are thinking how to help these two refugees and all the clubs are in contact 🙏🙏🙏

Zonta Clubs in Ukraine helping with Relief Efforts
~ Pete Bober


Zonta Club of Riga is sending supplies in and bringing refugees out. 


Zonta Clubs of Uzhhorod and Lviv (in Ukraine) are working tirelessly.

Zonta members, past Zonta members and friends of Zonta are offering individual and club help to refugees in Uzghorod.  Pete Bober has been in regular touch with Katharine X, Past President of the Zonta Club of Uzghorod, and she reports that they are struggling to handle the influx of refugees to the the West of Ukraine.  Zonta's three clubs in the Ukraine are in Lviv and Uzghorod, nearer the western border where  refugees are fleeing too.  Zonta member are hosting refugees in large numbers ,coordinating first aid, helping with transport to get vulnerable folks out of shelling, and moving supplies and food to where it is needed.