Zonta District 8 Membership Dues Relief Fund

Please submit Donations and Requests by May 31.  

Covid-19 Dues Relief –  Zonta Needs Your Talents

We hope that each and every club member is well and are having their needs met. We know this is a difficult time. None of us ever envisioned being relegated to home for such a long period of time. Many of our members whether small business owners or furloughed or laid off are experiencing significant financial loss as well as emotional strain. We want you to know that your District 8 leadership team empathizes with you and ALL of our members at this very trying time. We care about each and every member and wish you the very best.

We all want to feel a sense of normalcy. Hopefully it’s not in the too distant future. We all want to return to our meetings and events and experience each others smiling faces and warm embrace. Part of returning to some normalcy is the collection of Zonta annual dues.

Based on two Club President calls, we have heard that some members are suffering financially and may have trouble paying their dues. We are hoping we can help. We are assessing the need through this survey and want to help where there is need. We also know that there are members throughout the District who are very generous and may have the ability to donate to the D8 Membership Dues Relief Fund.


Need –  Request Support:

Request Assistance


Please know that it is OK to ask for help at this time. And, when things are more back to normal, those who ask for assistance are welcome to repay it sometime in the future. We are Zontians and we are all in this together. And to those who are able to donate to the fund, thank you. We ask each member who is in need or is able to donate to complete the survey and return it to us by 9 pm, May 31, 2020.

Please submit Donations and Requests by May 31st 2020.  

Donate to the Fund:

Time is of the essence because clubs need to be in good standing with Zonta International (have paid their dues) to be allowed delegates to complete the very important work of Zonta International- voting on constitution and by-law changes, electing new International Officers and Board members, voting on our International Service Projects, etc. Even though there is no convention, there is important business to accomplish.

If you are willing to donate a portion of your registration refund from the  All Area Workshop, Convention Registration, are receiving a Stimulus check or have other funds available to donate, please click the donate button.