Zonta Service Project reports at Convention

Zontians were also updated on the projects Eliminating Fistula in Liberia and The Future We Want, a project to eliminate trafficking and violence against women in Nepal and to decrease migration.

Zonta exceeded its goal for surgical treatment for women with fistula and also provided education and community awareness. Zonta has been changing the social norms and supporting the communities.

In Nepal, 50% of migrants are women. These migrants are more susceptible to sexual exploitation, violence and low wage jobs. Again, Zonta is focusing on long term and sustainable cultural change. Zonta has educated and trained over 600 women, conducted education in communities and schools, focused on women’s rights and held round table discussions in which all stakeholders took part. Local governments are now onboard with the change and need for sufficient training and job skills. Zonta is still completing its work and we will receive an update on the status at a later date.