D8 History: Leadership

Zonta International Presidents:

 Helen Pierce, Zonta Club of Salem, OR, USA: 1938-1940

 Zonta International Board Members:

Ellen Harris, ZI Second Vice President (1956-58)

Fran Soule (1988-1990)

Leta Best (1996-1998)

Joan E. Knapp – ZI Nominating Committee (2000-2002); not certain where to put this as it’s an elected position, but also a committee position.

Members of ZI International Committees:

Amelia Earhart Fellowship Committee:

Helen Pierce, Zonta Club of Salem, OR, USA: first chair of Amelia Earhart Fellowship Committee in 1938. She served on this committee until her death in 1978. Dr. Pierce had more direct influence on the Amelia Earhart Awards program than another single person (ZI AE Manual  January 1984). It was Helen Pierce who presented the original awards project to Zonta’s 1938 convention, She was named the first chairman. During her term as awards committee chairman (1956-1968) she used her professionally expertise as an English Professor to clarify awards’ terminology, to reiterate that the award was intended for graduate and not undergraduate students, the term “scholarship” was replaces with the term “Fellowship”, to meet the needs of a rapidly changing scientific world, the Awards’ designation for “study in aeronautical engineering” was broadened to “study in aerospace sciences’.’(ZI AE Manual January 1984)

International Nominating Committee:

(The minutes from the conferences don’t say if this is an elected or appointed position.)

1933-34: Doris Bell, Everett; Ann Johnston, Seattle, Alternate

1934-35: Bertha Allen, Seattle, WA

1935-36: Lydia Derrick Olympia, WA

1936-37: Helen Pearce, Salem, OR, Dorothy Dimock, Seattle, Alternate

1937-38: Hazel Walmer, Olympia, WA; Margaret Fabrick, Medford, OR, Alternate

1939-40: Helen Salem, OR; Thena Fultz, Seattle, WA Alternate

1940-41: Ann Johnston, Seattle, WA; Josephine Kirtley, Medford, OR, Alternate

1941-42: Helen Yockey, Salem OR

1942-44: Bertha Allen, Seattle, WA

1944-46: Eva Collins, Eugene, OR; Anna E. Langlow, Tacoma, WA Alternate

1946-47: Dorothy Pearce, Salem, OR, Chrissy Miller, Spokane, WA Alternate

1947-48: Dorothy Pearce, Salem, OR

1948-50: Irean Grigsby, Medford, OR, Nora Stover, Olympia, WA alternate

1950-52: Leone Johnson, Corvallis, OR; Ellen Harris, Vancouver BC, Canada, Alternate

1952-54: Maire Fitzgerald, Spokane, WA; Georia Rosencrans, Eugene, OR, Alternate

1954-56: Genevieve Morgan, Salem, OR; Jessie Church, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Alternate

1956-58:Grace Wolgamott, Salem, OR

1958-60:Gladys Puckett, Spokane, WA; Maymie Pierce, Boise, OD, Alternate

1960-62:Geraldine Ellis, Coos Bay, OR; Susie Pauley, Shelton-Mason, WA, Alternate

International Sub-Nominating Committee:

(The minutes from the conferences don’t say if this is an elected or appointed position.)

 1964- 66: Viola Farmer Walla Walla, WA  & Bernice Kerr, Portland, OR, Alternate

1969-70: Geraldine Ellis

1971: Molly Clasbey, representative and Ferne Phillips , Alternate

1972: Ruth Watter and Vivian Spores

1973: Phoebe Noble

1976: Jean Fish, Chair, Frances Soule and Velma Kurbitz

1977: Ann Mulkey, Representative & Ruth Watter, Alternate

1987: Frances Soule, Member and Shirley Dunn, Alternate


Clara Nasholm (1964-66)

Emily Ehlinger, Chairman (’74) (1974-75)

Status of Women:

Kathryn Jacobson (1964-66)

International Relations:

Ellen Harris, Chairman (1964-66) 

Nominating Committee, Area 5: (appointed?)

Jessie Church (1964-66)

Public Relations and Communications (PR &C)

Joan E. Knapp, Zonta Club of South Puget Sound: Chairman (2000-2002)

Bridget Baker, Zonta Club of Eugene: Chairman (2002-2004)

Katherine Cleland, Zonta Club of Everett: Chairman (2014-16); member (2016-18)


Terri Turi, Zonta Club of Coos Bay Area; YWPA Committee (2 biennium)


Terri Turi, Zonta Club of Coos Bay Area (1 term)

Katherine Cleland, Zonta Club of Everett USA Caucus – part of Advocacy (2018-20)

International Leadership Development Committee:

Shelli Cutting, Zonta Club of Anchorage: 2014-2016, 2016-2018 & 2018-2020.

 Z & Golden Z:

Shelli Cutting, Zonta Club of Anchorage (2016-2018)


Jessie Church, Chairman (1964-66)

Cindy Phillips, Zonta Club of Everett; 2014-2016, 2016-2018, 2018-2020.


Bertha Bodine (1964-66)

Chris Rommel: Zonta Club of Everett(dates?)


Deborah (Debbie) Arney: (2012-2016 ?)