Official Notice of Electronic District Conference 2021

Notice to Clubs of Electronic district conference
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1) reviewed the continuing situaton created by the COVID-19 declared pandemic;

2) conducted a thorough review of contracts, expenditures, financial obligations;

3) investigated the risks associated with an in-person event; and

4) heard the voices of district members;

the District 8 Board approved the cancellation of an in-person district conference.

While there is not a defined procedure for electronic district conferences in the Zonta International Bylaws or district governing documents, we will follow the precedence established in 2020 when the Zonta International Convention was cancelled. The Zonta International Bylaws provide for the International Board to operate under ‘emergency powers’ and as such, make decisions regarding what would be considered as ‘the next best thing’ or ‘as near as possible’ for conducting business under the “Cy Pres” doctrine which provides for boards to apply common sense. It is our intent to ensure that our district clubs may still fully participate in the democratic process that underpins all that we value. Today, this email serves as the official notice to District 8 clubs on how we will proceed with an electronic district conference. 

Today, this email serves as the official notice to District 8 clubs on how we will proceed with an electronic district conference.

  • The district conference will be held electronically using VConference Online.
  • The district conference will be held on
    • Friday and Saturday, October 15 and 16, 2021, 9 am – 7 pm Pacific Daylight Time.
  • All attendees will need to register. A link will go out with the Call to Conference.
  • All clubs will be notified of the credentialing process no later than July 30, 2021.
  • Elections will be held October 5-10, 2021 in advance of the business meeting.
  • Voting on district business will be held during the business meeting. A link will be provided for the business meeting. 

The District Board has adopted Guidelines for Electronic Election and Voting Methods which holds more details on procedures, which will be included in the Call to Conference. This document does not require club member approval as it has been reviewed and adopted by your elected board members. Additionally, the Bylaws of Zonta International require the governor to issue a Call to Conference at least 60 days before the conference. This Call to Conference will be issued separately and will include the agenda, the proposed district budget, slate of candidates and details on other district business matters. We hope these accommodations will permit the district to smoothly move business forward while still engaging our delegates and club members.

Club leaders should direct any questions to their respective area director who will in turn bring those questions forward to the District 8 Board.

Area 1 Director – Kathy Venemon (Blackfoot and Pocatello clubs)

Area 2 Director – Deborah Reynolds,  (Anchorage, Olympia, South Puget Sound, Yakima clubs)

Area 4 Vice Director, Margery Whitmer,  (Coos Bay, Corvallis, Grants Pass, Portland and Roseburg clubs)

Area 5 Director, Barbie Zipp, (Everett, Nanaimo and Victoria clubs)