The Future: Zonta International Resolutions 2 + 3 from 2020 Convention

Navigating towards the future:

At the Chicago (virtual) International Convention, two broad resolutions were passed by the delegates.  These resolutions 2 and 3 are to help steer the course for Zonta in the Second Century of our work.  This meeting is to update all District 8 members on the progress on those two resolutions to review Zonta International’s structure and procedures, and to solicit all of your help in providing input and feedback as the work moves into the next phase.

2. RESOLUTION on conducting an overall review of Zonta International.

An overall review of Zonta International’s organizational structure will be conducted under the leadership of the Zonta International Board for the 2020-2022 biennium. The Board will engage with the membership as it conducts a review of Zonta International including its memberships base, governing structures and operational framework with the goal to identify areas in need of reform and to make recommendations for potential changes. A report to the Zonta International Convention 2022 along with potential recommended changes will be presented.

3. RESOLUTION authorizing the revision and restatement of the Bylaws of Zonta International.

The Zonta International Bylaws and Resolution Committee is authorized to (i) analyze and study other nonprofit organizations and their bylaws to determine how to best structure the Bylaws of Zonta International in a manner that retains the democratic structure of the organization, recognizes the importance of the members of the organization in determining the shape and direction of Zonta International and preserves the current mission and objectives of Zonta International, while creating a simplified, sustainable and understandable framework for operating, allowing members to focus on Zonta International’s mission and the Objects set forth in Article II of the Bylaws of Zonta International; and (ii) present the Committee findings and revised and restated Bylaws, if the committee deems revision necessary, to the Zonta International Board and the 2022 convention for consideration and voting.

See the full bylaws changes and all 8 resolutions from the 2020 convention (PDF)